Sweet & Sour Chicken

Name: Shailesh Patel
Scran: Sweet and Sour Chicken
Mother language: British Sign Language

With many thanks to Anita Kanji – WAITE Wellbeing Leader for Manchester Deaf Centre – for organising and facilitating all aspects of the Sounds Like Scran sessions for MDC.

BSL Interpretation: Spoken English

“Hello, my name is Leshy. My favourite food is the Chinese dish Sweet and Sour chicken. This consists of fried chicken with peppers, pineapple and a delicious sweet and sour sauce, accompanied with rice, it’s absolutely delicious. When I was 18 years old I experienced Chinese food for the first time when I had a takeaway and I decided that I would definitely have it again.
My grandfather had a farm in India, he grew lots of indigenous vegetables including coconut, mango and limes, I will show you a photograph of one of his trees. My grandfather also grew a lot of sugar cane which my father then sold to the sugar factory, here’s a family photo of them at work on the farm. Thank you, bye bye.”

Leshy’s Grandad’s farm: growing Coconuts, Mangoes, Limes and Sugarcane