Pupusas Salvadoreñas

Name: Sonia Yanet Flores de Galvez
Scran: Pupusas Salvadoreñas
Mother Language: Latin Spanish

Sounds Like: Pupusas Salvadoreñas by Sonia Yanet Flores de Galvez

English Translation:

“In El Salvador, you can find a pupusa stand around each corner.  We eat them at any time and they are always eaten with tomato sauce and cabbage pickle which sometimes is spicy.
This is one of the most typical dishes we have there and it is the one our people enjoy the most.
It is made of corn flour which it is added some water to make the dough. Then, we make a kind of tortilla which we then stuff with fried ground pork prepared with spices, fried red kidney beans and cheese, this is called “Pupusa revuelta” or Mixed pupusa. There are some other ingredients we can use like courgettes.
I remember once my husband and I took our children to “Los Planes de Renderos” which is one of the places that make excellent pupusas, and our daughter, who was probably 10, was eating one pupusa.  She saw there was one left, but we told her she should eat the one she already had on her plate. However, she wanted to take it before her brother did it, and she put the pupusa she had on her plate in her mouth to take the one remaining. It was so funny to see her cheeks completely stuffed with pupusa that all of us started laughing, and she had to swallow it to laugh as well.  It was a nice time we spent as a family.”

Pupusas Salvadoreñas
Pupusas Salvadoreñas