Fried Rice Cake

Name: Fenfen Huang 
Scran: Fried Rice Cake
Mother Language: Linhai dialect of the Zhejiang province, China

Sounds Like: Fried Rice Cake by Fenfen Huang

Written: Chinese




English Translation:

“Fried Rice Cake, or Fried Chinese Gnocchi, is my favorite food. It’s a local speciality from my hometown Linhai in Zhejiang province. It’s a regional food from Zhejiang, Shanghai and Jiangsu region. 

I have loved fried rice cake since I a small kid. I remember when I was little, I would eat that every day and every meal. I went to University in Chongqing, where there was no fried rice cake. After that, I came to the U.K; we rarely have Zhejiang or Shanghai cuisine here. So when I want to eat fried rice cake, I would buy rice cakes from a Chinese supermarket and cook it myself. Every time when I go back home in China, the thing I want and like the most is still fried rice cake. 

Therefore, fried rice cake is the flavour of home and the taste of childhood for me.” 

Fried Rice Cake